Mountains for Christ

Frank and Naidene travel frequently to the remote mountain villages of Lesotho to share God’s Word with the local people. The men of GBC also assisted, via group mission trips, in building a church in the village of Ha Rameno to celebrate and extend God’s holy kingdom.

Frank Heath’s vision of Mountains for Christ began when he was a young man growing up in the Transkei, where he found in his heart a great love for the African people. The calling to this work came at an older age and followed his first visit to the mountain region of Ha Rameno.

At Ha Rameno, Frank saw the great need of the mountain people and developed a passion to share Christ with them. The vision of small churches with local full-time pastors and leaders in these remote mountain areas became his full-time commitment.

Based in Stutterheim, South Africa, Frank travels frequently to Lesotho via Maseru, and on to the villages in the mountains. Naidene, his wife, supports him and together they facilitate the spiritual and material needs of the people, sending teachers and specialists in various fields to assist the local villagers. Material needs are also arranged from the base, and clothing, food and building supplies are taken to where they are needed.

Semonkong and the village of Ha Rameno are accessible from South Africa via the border post at Maseru in the lowlands of Lesotho. The grueling road conditions require the use of 4 x 4 vehicles to Semonkong. Horses and pack horses are used from there to complete the journey higher up to Ha Rameno all of which takes four and a half hours from Maseru.

Conditions can change very rapidly – dry sand roads can become quagmires of mud within minutes after heavy rain showers. The winter snow conditions make for equally hazardous travel. Offsetting this is the awesome beauty of the mountains, rivers and waterfalls and a people who yearn for the Word of God.

How you can help the Mountains for Christ mission
  • Pray for the great task of reaching hundreds of small mountain villages for Christ.
  • Support this great work financially. There is a great need for food, clothing and materials with which to work.
  • Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to show you how you can become involved through your spiritual gifting and natural abilities.
Contact details

Frank and Naidene Heath
Tel/Fax: 043 6831838
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